What is MAU?
Everything you wanted to know about MAU but were afraid to ask.
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Please note that we are introducing a new over-the-air pricing model: it will not be based on monthly active users (MAU) but instead on gigabytes (GB) of data. You can find answers to the most common questions in the following document.

In a nutshell: MAU = Monthly Active Users. 

Every time your mobile app gets installed, we generate a new unique ID for the app on the user device. This ID is stored on the devise and sent to our servers once we receive a request for translations from the installed application. If this UID wasn’t previously registered during the current month, then we increment your MAU counter by one. Please note that app re-installation changes the UID and counts as a new MAU. However, app updates do not change the UID.

In other words, the counter is incremented the first time the UID is seen in the current month. If that ID was already registered (seen by our system), your MAU counter won’t be incremented.

Important notes:

  • At the beginning of each month the MAU counter will be automatically reset.

  • If your QA team does a lot of testing, and the app is getting installed/uninstalled many times as the new builds arrive, then each new app installation will increment the counter.

  • Once your MAU reaches 90% we will give you a warning:

  • Once your MAU goes over 100% then we will show you an error and your users won't be able to download new translations from us:

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