Remove ChatMessagesHandler from Utility Items

Go to "Setup", find "App Manager" in the left Side Menu, and click it

Find "Service Console" in the list of items, click the arrow right to it, and click "Edit"

Select "Utility Items (Desktop only)" in the left Side Menu, select ChatMessagesHandler in Utility Items list and click "Remove"

Click "Save" at the bottom of the page

Uninstall the package

Go to Setup, find and select "Installed Packages"

Find "Lokalise Messages" in the list of packages and click "Uninstall"

Scroll down, select uninstallation options, tick a confirmation checkbox and "Uninstall"

Remove components that are in use

After that you will see the warning, that some of the components are in use. They should be removed as well. Click on Chat_Transcript_Record_page link on that warning page:

Then "Edit"

And remove translationChat and sidebar widget from the page:

Click "Save"

Go back to the Installed packages list and click "Uninstall" again

Confirm and click "Uninstall".

The successfully uninstalled application would be listed in Uninstalled packages section.

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