Apple Strings (.strings)
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The standard strings file format consists of one or more key-value pairs along with optional comments. The key and value in a given pair are strings of text enclosed in double quotation marks, separated by an equals sign, and ending with a semicolon.

Sample data

/* Our app name */
"AppName" = "Lokalise";
/* User login dialog */
"EnterUsername" = "Enter your username";

When importing the .strings files into Lokalise, all comments are saved as key descriptions. Therefore, if you need to include these comments in the downloaded files, you have to tick the Include description option on the Download page:

Multiline support

We support two ways of handling multiline strings:

1. Escaping new lines using \n.

"AppName" = "Lokalise\nis here";
"EnterUsername" = "Enter\nyour\nusername";

2. Using backslash (\) at end of each line.

"AppName" = "Lokalise\
is here";
"EnterUsername" = "Enter\
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