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Lokalise supports structured JSON files. 

Structured JSON file entries can contain the following properties:

  • translation  – the actual translation (required)

  • notes – description of the key (optional)

  • context – context of the key (optional)

  • limit – character limit for the key (optional)

  • tags – additional tags (optional)

You might also be interested in checking out our JSON localization tutorial (aimed towards web devs).


    "mm_homepage": {
        "translation": "Homepage",
        "notes": "Title for main menu",
"tags": [ "main", "important" ]
    "mm_about": {
        "translation": "About us",
        "notes": "Title for main menu",
        "limit": 20
    "somekey": {
        "translation": "First level key"
    "somekey::sub": {
        "translation": "Second level key"

If you are using TypeScript and want to add autocompletion feature for your key names, you can add the following line of code to your app:

keyof typeof import ('./path/to/some/json/file.json')
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