Migrating from Transifex

Move your projects from Transifex to Lokalise.

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Creating a project

Create a new Lokalise project by clicking the New project button.

Switch to the Migrate tab and choose Transifex in the Migrate from dropdown. Enter the Transifex API token and Transifex project slug.

Obtaining an API token

Open user settings on Transifex and select the API token section:

If you don’t have an API token yet, generate one and copy it before closing the tab:

Then paste it to the Transifex API token field on Lokalise:

Obtaining a project slug

The project slug is the name of your project and can be found in the url field:

Copy and paste it to the Transifex project slug field on Lokalise:

Finalizing the migration process

Click Proceed and that’s it! Your project is successfully migrated from Transifex to Lokalise.

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