Language support in iTunes Connect

While iOS applications can be translated to a great number of languages, iTunes Connect supports a small subset of these.

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iOS applications can be translated into many languages, including custom ones, while iTunes Connect supports only a limited selection of these languages.

Here’s the full list of the supported languages:

  1. English (U.S.) (en-US)

  2. Chinese (Simplified) (zh-Hans)

  3. Chinese (Traditional) (zh-Hant)

  4. Danish (da)

  5. Dutch (nl-NL)

  6. English (Australia) (en-AU)

  7. English (Canada) (en-CA)

  8. English (U.K.) (en-GB)

  9. Finnish (fi)

  10. French (fr-FR)

  11. French (Canada) (fr-CA)

  12. German (de-DE)

  13. Greek (el)

  14. Indonesian (id)

  15. Italian (it)

  16. Japanese (ja)

  17. Korean (ko)

  18. Malay (ms)

  19. Norwegian (no)

  20. Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-BR)

  21. Portuguese (Portugal) (pt-PT)

  22. Russian (ru)

  23. Spanish (Mexico) (es-MX)

  24. Spanish (Spain) (es-ES)

  25. Swedish (sv)

  26. Thai (th)

  27. Turkish (tr)

  28. Vietnamese (vi)

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