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Using this app, you can send project events notifications to a chosen Slack channel.

Installing the app

Open your Lokalise project and navigate to Apps:

Find Slack in the list, click on it, press Install, and then Install again. You will need to grant the application permissions to access your workspace. Please note that you may choose a different workspace using the dropdown at the top right corner of the page. 

Next, choose a channel to post messages to. Once you are ready, click Allow to grant the necessary permissions.

Next, choose one or more events to notify about and click Save changes.

The Slack app is now up and running! You should also see a message "<Username> added an app to this channel: Lokalise webhooks" in the selected Slack channel.

To add another Slack app with different options, click Add another handler. To remove the app, click Remove app.

Sample messages

Please find more information on the available events in the corresponding article.

User has updated LanguageName (locale) translation of KeyName in ProjectName

User has created project snapshot in ProjectName

User has added key KeyName to ProjectName

User has created task TaskName in ProjectName

User has added LanguageName (locale) to ProjectName 

User has invited UserEmail to ProjectName

User has created ProviderName translation order (OrderNumber) for OrderPrice in ProjectName

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