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Use this app to automatically create Trello cards for certain project events.


To get started with the app, you'll need the following:

  • API key.

  • Member token β€” authenticated token of the user who the Trello cards should be created by.

  • Trello board ID β€” ID is a hex number visible in the URL when viewing the Trello board.

Creating the API key and the member token

Proceed to Trello PowerUps admin page and click the New button to create a new power-up.

Enter your power-up details: name, workspace, emails, author. Providing an iframe connector URL is not needed. Once you are ready, click Create and then Generate a new API key.

You'll be presented with the following page:

Here you should copy the API key as we'll requite it later when installing the app on Lokalise. Next, click on the Token link highlighted on the screenshot above to create a member token. Review the requested permissions and click Allow. A member token will be generated for you:

Now you can install the app on Lokalise!

Installing the app

Please note that this app can only create new cards on Trello based on the chosen events. It cannot modify or close the cards.

To get started, open your Lokalise project and proceed to Apps:

Find Trello in the list, click on it and then press Install. You'll be presented with the following screen:

Enter your API key in the Application key text field, then provide your member token and the board ID. To obtain the board ID, you can simply open your board on Trello and copy it from the URL:

In the screenshot above, the board ID is UtywHxkY.

Next, enter the List name to add Trello cards to (make sure that this list exists in the chosen board).

Choose one or more events to create cards for. Please find additional information on the available events in the corresponding article.

Once you are ready, click Enable app:

You can also press Add another handler to create another configuration.

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