This integration is available from the Pro plan and above.

Use this integration to sync your Zendesk Help Desk with Lokalise. It's a good idea to use a separate Lokalise project for Zendesk localization. Lokalise can only sync categories, sections and articles that already exist in your help center.

Setting up

To set up the integration for your project:

  1. Navigate to the Project settings > Integrations
  2. Click Connect next to the required integration
  3. Authorize via OAuth2

Once you authorize, the list of sections, categories and articles will appear. Select and link required articles for further localization.

In the case that the imported languages are not yet added into the Lokalise project, select the "Create missing languages" checkbox. Missing languages will be automatically added into your Lokalise project.

By clicking the Link items button, the selected items will be linked and a confirmation message will appear with:

  • The number of linked items
  • How many keys were created in the Lokalise project
  • Which languages have been added and how many keys were updated in a particular language

Linked items can be manually imported to/exported from Zendesk to Lokalise and vice versa.

You can sort linked items using the Content type dropdown menu. If required, you can link more items or unlink the existing ones. 

Let's check how the inserted keys look in Lokalise. Two keys were created: Title and Body.

I have added the "Welcome to your Help Center!" article from Zendesk, so the appropriate tags have been linked to the inserted keys. Learn more about tags...

Once the necessary data is imported, you can add the required languages and perform translations.

When the translations are done, select the items you want to export to Zendesk and click the Export to Zendesk Guide button. The selected languages will be updated in Zendesk. If any changes were made in Zendesk, you can update the existing Lokalise keys by importing items from Zendesk.

Setting up Zendesk Help Center

1. Enable localizations

First, you must enable the languages to which you want your help center translated, under Settings > Account > Localization in your Zendesk account.

2. Add languages to help center.

As you've enabled the required localizations, you need to add them to your help center. Navigate to help center settings > Guide settings and select the languages once again.

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