This feature is available starting from the Pro plan.

Use this app to you serve static content including your language files from an Amazon S3 bucket.


Navigate to Apps > Amazon S3, click Install and then Connect. You need to specify the Access key ID, Secret access key and Bucket name.

We highly recommend creating and using a separate access key and secret access key for this app. You can use the Amazon IAM service to do this. The required rights are s3:ListBucket , s3:PutObject  and s3:PutObjectAcl (the latter is required as Lokalise changes the ACL of the uploaded object to  public-read ).


Once the app is set up, you can trigger it with each export. 

Web dashboard

If you are downloading using a web dashboard, select the Amazon S3 checkbox in the App triggers section.

CLI tool

A CLI tool version 0.47 or higher is required to use this app.
Use --triggers=amazons3 as a parameter.


Use triggers=['amazons3'] as a parameter.


If the upload fails (due to a misconfigured app) you will receive an email from Lokalise. The email body will contain the Amazon S3 response with errors.

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