This feature is available starting from the Pro plan.

Use this app if you serve static content including your language files from a Google Cloud Storage bucket.


Navigate to Apps > Google Storage, press Install and then Connect. You need to specify Service account key JSON, Project ID and Bucket name.

We highly recommend to create and use a separate service account key JSON for this app. Follow the instructions on how to create service account credentials.


As the app is set up, you can trigger it with each export. 

Web dashboard

If you are downloading translation files using web dashoard, tick the Google Cloud Storage checkbox in the App triggers section.

CLI tool

CLI tool version 0.47 or higher is required to use this app.
Use --triggers=gcs as a parameter.


Use triggers=['gcs'] as a parameter.


In case the upload fails (due to misconfigured app) you would receive an e-mail from Lokalise. The e-mail body will contain GCS response with errors.

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