HTML/Placeholders in blocks

Hide HTML tags and placeholders and display them as neat blocks.

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Translations can contain technical data like HTML markup and placeholders. In most cases these elements should not be directly modified or translated therefore you might want to hide them and display them as small blocks. To achieve that, take advantage of the placeholders as blocks feature that can be enabled in the project editor.

How to display HTML tags and placeholders as blocks

To display HTML tags and placeholders as blocks you have to click the Display placeholders as blocks button in the editor:

Once this feature is enabled, all placeholders and blocks will be visually replaced with small blocks. Click on these blocks to see the actual content:

If the Display placeholders as blocks is disabled, you will see the actual tags:

Please remember that in most cases you as a translator should not modify or translate these elements unless explicitly asked to do by the developers or the team lead.

You can also hide and show placeholders when editing a translation by clicking the corresponding button:

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