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Lokalise supports .docx format. Files in this format do not require any special formatting, but please note that they can only be uploaded into projects with the Ad hoc documents type. The project type is selected upon creation:

After the project is created, proceed to the Upload page:

Choose one or more files from your PC, and adjust the upload options as needed. Then simply hit Import files.

Technical limitations

Currently Lokalise does not support DOCX formulas and graphs. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that these elements will still be available upon exporting and that their format will be preserved. Also, please note that currently we do not support content controls and these will not be parsed as keys.

Translating DOC and other plain text files

Lokalise does not support direct uploading of DOC files as this format is quite old and very different from DOCX. But don't worry: there's a way to translate your .doc files (and other plain text files) as well! All you need to do is create a new translation order, choose a Gengo provider and add your files to the order.

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