This app enables you to easily upload translation files from WalkMe. It is going to automatically parse all the embedded BBCodes and present those in a nicer and cleaner way. Please note that this app does not support Documents projects.



WalkMe translation files include special BBCodes that are not natively recognized by Lokalise. If you import these files without enabling a WalkMe BBCode app, you'll see that strings have too many technical details that are not necessary for translators:

These elements in square brackets are called BBCodes and you can use the WalkMe app to properly parse these codes, convert them to regular HTML tags, and display those as blocks rather than as plain text.

Configuring the app

To get started, open your project, click Apps, and find WalkMe BBCode in the apps list. Click on this app and press Install. You're going to see the following screen:

  • File format — currently this app supports only the JSON format.

  • Event — choose when you would like to perform BBCodes parsing (usually you would tick both Import and Export).

Once you are ready, press Save changes.

Working with translations

Now when you upload a translation file with BBCodes again, you are going to see that these codes were replaced with simple HTML tags.

You can display them as blocks by enabling the corresponding option in the top menu:

Once you are ready, you can download your translations back. To achieve that, proceed to the Download page and make sure to enable the Unescape forward slashes setting:

Then click Build and download. You will see that all the tags were converted back to BBCodes:

That's it!

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