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This feature is currently in beta.

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software providing helpdesk support.

With the Freshdesk app, you can exchange and translate Freshdesk Knowledge Base Articles directly on Lokalise, to provide multilingual self-service content to your customers. The app supports the following content type found under the Solutions tab on Freshdesk: Article, Category, and Folder.


Before using this app, you should enable multilingual support on Freshdesk. To enable it, you must have admin access rights.

Open Freshdesk and proceed to Admin > Account > Helpdesk Settings:

Click Manage Languages:

Set your primary language and other support languages:

Next, make sure to add these languages in your Lokalise project.

Please note that a custom language code in Lokalise project must be equal to a language code in Freshdesk. Also note that in Freshdesk all language codes use dashes (for example, en-GB, lv-LV, etc.) whereas on Lokalise we use underscores therefore you'll need to adjust language codes manually.

To adjust a language code, open the project editor on Lokalise, find the languages dropdown and click on it. Then click on the dots (More) next to a language name and press Settings:

Then enable the Custom language code and enter a new code:

Finally, hit Save.


To get started with the app, open your Lokalise project, and proceed to Apps. Then find Freshdesk in the list and click on it:

Then click Install. You'll be presented with the following screen:

You'll need to specify your Host (for example, and an API Key. Once you are ready, click Authorize.

Obtaining an API key

In order to obtain an API key, open Freshdesk, click on your avatar in the main menu, and choose Profile settings:

Your API key will be displayed on this page:

Copy it and paste to the corresponding field on Lokalise.

Importing items from Freshdesk to Lokalise

Once you authorize the app, a list of available items will be presented for you. The refresh of the content should start immediately; otherwise, click Refresh:

Available for import

Make sure to switch to the Available for import tab. Choose one or more items and click Import to Lokalise. You'll be presented with the following dialog:

Choose language to include in the import operation.

Tick the Overwrite existing keys option if you want to update existing translation keys with any updates that happened on the Freshdesk content since the last import. Updated keys will return to the Unverified status.

If you want to use Automations, you should import only the default language with the Overwrite existing keys option enabled. An alternative is to import all the desired languages, but keeping the Overwrite existing keys option disabled.

Importing will happen in the background, and once the operation is completed, you'll see the following notification:

Click View activity if you want to see how many keys were created.

Now you can return to the Editor and perform translations as usual, or create tasks for your translators.

Exporting items from Lokalise to Freshdesk

Return to the Freshdesk app on Lokalise, and switch to the Translation in progress tab. Choose one or more items that are Ready to export and click Export to Freshdesk:

You'll be presented with the following dialog:

Choose one or more languages and hit OK. The operation will be performed in the background, and you'll be notified once it is completed.

Once you've exported the item in all languages, you'll find them under the Translation exported tab. Note that if the app is reinstalled, translation statuses of all items are kept. If you want to clean the previous statuses of your items, you need to delete the keys by using the project editor.

Return to Freshdesk, proceed to Solutions, and change the content language in the corresponding dropdown to make sure your items were properly translated:

Note on reviewed translations

Please note that as you mark your translations as reviewed on Lokalise, their statuses will change under the Translation in progress tab. For example, if your project has three languages and you've reviewed the translations for one language only, you'll see the 1 of 3 languages translated label:

Status breakdown per language

Only once you have reviewed translations for all languages, the global status for the given item will change to Ready for export.

You can choose the languages to show progress for in the corresponding dropdown:

You can export any items even if their status is not Ready for export.

Frequently asked questions

I've updated my language settings on Freshdesk, and I've double checked that the language codes are the same on Freshdesk and Lokalise. But when I try to import content, no matching languages are found. What should I try next?

After changing any language settings on Freshdesk, proceed to the Lokalise Freshdesk app and click on the Refresh button in order for Lokalise to get the latest environment data and translatable content from Freshdesk.

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