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Lokalise Messages for Front pricing
Lokalise Messages for Front pricing
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Free trial

All our pricing plans come with a free pro-plan trial.
The free trial will have a duration of 7 days.

Lokalise Messages for Front packages

For more information on how to upgrade your character limit please contact:


For companies sporadically handling international interactions


Great for companies with a moderate volume of translated conversations


Perfect for multinational companies supporting high volumes of translated conversations

Character limit
(per month) *

50k characters **

1M characters

10M characters

Additional characters



Translate incoming messages

Translate outgoing messages


Language settings


(*) Please note that we count character limit for Front based on all translated messages (inbound and outbound), including the very first one the customer sends when starting a new conversation. Also, we count towards the limit the first 5-10 words of a very first message in every single conversation even if it is English to detect the language and decide whether Lokalise Messages should translate it.

(**) Existing customers using the Free plan who have signed up before 17 May 2023 will have the soft cap at 50k character limit until the end of June. New customers who sign up from 17 May 2023 will be initially capped at 50k characters.

For more information on how to upgrade your character limit please contact:

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