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Lokalise Messages for Dixa: Installation guide
Lokalise Messages for Dixa: Installation guide
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You need to be an admin in your Dixa account.

Step 1: Configure your Dixa API token

In order to use Lokalise Messages integration, you need an API token from the Dixa platform. As an admin, head into Settings -> Integrations -> API Tokens:

Generate a token for Dixa API.

Copy the token and save it somewhere (e.g. your notes app or a text editor) for later use.

Step 2: Configure Webhooks

Head into Settings -> Integrations -> Webhooks and configure webhooks for Lokalise Messages

  • Name enter “Lokalise Messages Event

  • Webhook URL enter the following:

  • Enable make sure to enable the webhook.

  • Authorizationnot required.

  • Eventsselect the following events on the right:

    • Note added

    • Message added

  • To finish, click Create Webhook.

Step 3: Register your Dixa API Token with Lokalise Messages

Head to and register your Dixa API token with Lokalise Messages.

  • API token: enter the Dixa API token you have generated in step 1.

  • Email: enter the contact email which you use for your Dixa account.

  • To finish, click Register.

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