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Lokalise Messages for Dixa: Configuring languages
Lokalise Messages for Dixa: Configuring languages
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You can configure languages globally or on the per-agent basis.

Configuring global languages from the dashboard

The dashboard allows you to tweak global language settings:

Once the app is installed, the global base language is set to English (en).

All incoming conversations will get automatically translated into the base language. In case your team's base language is different, you'll need to adjust this by selecting another base language.

You can additionally specify multiple languages your team speaks in the Non-translatable languages field. Conversations in those languages won't be translated.

Configuring languages for individual agents

This feature is available only on the Pro plan.

On this tab you can tweak language settings of individual agents:

All Dixa admins have access to the Dashboard.

On top of that, here you can override the global base and non-translatable languages for individual agents.

Use the search box at the top to find a specific user.

Finally, click Refresh to fetch an up to date list of agents from Dixa.

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