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Enable Lokalise integration

Once you've logged in to your Front account, proceed to Settings by clicking a gear icon:

Then go to Integrations and search for "Lokalise". Click Enable the integration.

Authenticate Lokalise Messages through the sidebar

A new L icon should appear in the right-side menu. Click it:

Then click Authorize in the sidebar widget:

Confirm the authorization on the pop-up window for the Lokalise Messages:

After the authorization is succeed, check the Lokalise widget and enable the webhooks:

Enable and set up webhooks

Go to Integrations in the left side menu and find Webhooks in the integrations list:

Select it and click Enable:

Once enabled, set Enabled and Send Full Event Data switches to On. Then click Save:

Set rules to trigger a webhook

Proceed to Rules > Company Rules > Add a rule:

Set the conditions as marked on the screenshot below. Specifically, make sure to provide a proper Webhook URL: https://messages.lokalise.com/v1/frontapp/event.

Further steps

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