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Lokalise Messages for Intercom

Lokalise Messages provides live chat translation for Intercom users.

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If you’d like a personalized walk-through of how Lokalise Messages works, you can book a free demo here.

You can also check out this short video to get a basic idea on how this app works:

There is no company in the world that does not get support requests in foreign languages now and then. For most companies though, a share of each language is often not big enough to justify hiring support specialists fluent in these languages.

Still, who would not want to start treating their leads and users in other languages right away by adding an app to their Intercom, without spending thousands of dollars?

Here comes Lokalise Messages, a real-time support translation directly within Intercom Inbox.

Here'a detailed video tutorial explaining how to work with the app:

Key features

AI-powered neural machine translation

Real-time machine translation of chat powered by artificial intelligence.


Ensure industry and company terminology are correctly translated, increasing accuracy and reducing costs.


Track interactions per language to forecast language requirements and make better hiring decisions.

Language-based routing

Automatically detects customers’ language and routes conversations to native-speaking agents.

How it works

  • Lokalise automatically detects the language of the conversation and instantly translates into your base language using neural machine translation engine.

  • Agents start private notes with ! (exclamation sign) to translate the text into the conversation language.

  • Your customers get translated replies in real-time.

Privacy notice

Lokalise fetches your Intercom messages, forwards them to the machine translation engine, and then sends the corresponding translations back. Lokalise and the machine translation engines that are used do not store your messages anywhere.

Lokalise does not fetch or store any customer personal data that's stored in the connected Intercom instance.

The content sent to or from Lokalise Messages is not stored or logged, staff can't see it and its not used for machine translation engine training or evaluation.


The setup process cannot be easier. Open Lokalise Messages for Intercom app in the Intercom App Store and click the Install button. You will be redirected to the authorization page, where you should confirm our app will be able to access some of the required resources in your Intercom team. You don't even need to create a Lokalise account to use this app.


Please check the Pricing article to learn more.

Lokalise for Intercom is free for up to 50 000 characters. For more information on how to upgrade your character limit please contact:

Known limitations

  • Tickets cannot be translated with this solution

Further steps

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