Automatic translation of incoming messages

Whenever a user sends a message in a language that is not listed as your operator language, Lokalise automatically translates it and displays the translated version in the conversation notes:

Sending a translated reply

Type your response in the conversation notes, starting with the exclamation sign (!) followed by the actual message, for example: !Hello, how are you doing?. Lokalise will translate this text into the conversation language and send it back to the user:

Sidebar widget

Installing the sidebar widget

On the right side of the screen, click Customize and add the Lokalise app:

You can type responses right in the Lokalise Inbox app, and these responses will get translated into the conversation language and sent back to the user:

Changing the conversation language via the sidebar widget

Neural networks that we are using to perform machine translation sometimes fail to understand the language of the message (for example, if it contains typos or content in several languages).

You can override chat language by clicking Change chat language in the Inbox app:

Alternatively, you can type the !lang command in the conversation notes, for example !lang de.

Pausing chat translations via the sidebar widget

Use the sidebar widget to pause or resume translations for a particular conversation:

While paused Lokalise Messages won't translate anything and after resuming would translate only new replies.

Further steps

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