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Lokalise Messages for Gorgias
Lokalise Messages for Gorgias

Real-time, two-way chat translation.

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Lokalise Messages for Gorgias is an app that translates conversations between customers and your company in real time, using neural machine translation.

You have 100+ languages available to connect, and can delight customers and prospects in their native languages while leaving your current workflows untouched.

For customer support teams: Ensure all customers experience the same level of service without disrupting your operations or adding agents for their language skills. Keep teams lean while serving a global audience in their preferred language.

For marketing and sales teams: Improve deal velocity, engagement and conversion in any language. Don’t miss out on opportunities to scale your outreach and link up with prospects worldwide, instantly connecting with them on any channel, in any language.

With the Lokalise Messages integration with Gorgias, you can seamlessly translate your conversations and deliver consistent localized experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

Key features

AI-powered neural machine translation

Real-time machine translation of Gorgias conversations in 100+ languages, powered by artificial intelligence.

Analytics dashboard

Get full visibility of the volume of interactions per language with a language stats dashboard.


Make sure common industry and company terminology is correctly translated or not translated at all, with customized glossary entries.

How it works

  • Lokalise automatically detects the language of the conversation and instantly translates into your base language using neural machine translation engine.

  • Agents start internal note with the exclamation sign (!) to translate the text into the conversation language.

  • Your customers get translated replies in real-time.

Privacy notice

Lokalise fetches messages from Gorgias, forwards them to the machine translation engine, and then sends the corresponding translations back. Lokalise and the machine translation engines do not store your messages anywhere.

Lokalise does not fetch or store any customer personal data that's stored in the connected Gorgias instance.

The content of messages sent to or from Lokalise Messages is not stored or logged, staff can't see it and its not used for machine translation engine training or evaluation.


The setup process cannot be easier. Visit Lokalise Messages in Gorgias App Store. You will be redirected to the authorization page, where you should confirm our app will be able to access some of the required resources in your Gorgias instance. You don't even need to create a Lokalise account to use this app.


Please check the Pricing article to learn more.

Lokalise for Gorgias is free for up to 50 000 characters. For more information on how to upgrade your character limit please contact:

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