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Automatic translation of incoming messages

Whenever a consumer sends a message in a language that is not listed as your agent language, Lokalise automatically translates it and displays the translated version in the internal notes:

Sending a translated reply

Type your response in the commands, starting with the exclamation sign (!) followed by the actual message, for example: /!Hello, how are you doing?. Lokalise will translate this text into the conversation language and send it back to the consumer:

Lokalise Messages configuration via Sidebar Widget

Lokalise Messages can be controlled in the sidebar widget.

To change the conversation language, click Change language:

To pause translations for the current conversation, click Pause translations button:

To resume the translations for the current conversation, click Resume translations button:

To get a one-time link to the Dashboard where you can configure non-translatable languages, add specific terminology to the glossary and check the usage analytics, click Access Dashboard:

Known limitations

Lokalise Messages does not support sending HTML tables from Front to consumers.

Further steps

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