• Your CakePHP app must be prepared for localization (see CakePHP documentation)

  • The project must be in Lokalise (you will need the Project ID from project settings)

  • It must have a read/write API token (generate one under your Personal profile)

  • The Lokalise CLI tool must be installed

Uploading to Lokalise

Once your app is prepared for localization, it should contain source language (here we assume it's English) locale directory. e.g. myapp/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/default.po . Upload this file to Lokalise using CLI tool:

$ cd myapp
$ ./ makemessages -l en
$ lokalise2 \
  --token <token> \
  --project-id <project_id> \
  file upload \
  --file "locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/default.po" \
  --lang-iso en

Downloading from Lokalise

When the translators are done you need to download the language files from Lokalise:

$ lokalise2 \
 --token <token> \
 --project-id <project_id> \
 file download \
 --format po \
 --filter-langs en \
 --original-filenames=true \
 --directory-prefix "" \
 --unzip-to "locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/"

You need to repeat the download for all project languages.

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