Give your translators and team members more context by uploading screenshots of your app or website.

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You can attach one or more screenshots to your keys thus providing additional context for translators. This feature can come in very handy because understanding where and how the text will be used is very important for translators.

Getting started

There are two ways to get started with screenshots. First, you can click Screenshots in the top menu of your project:

You'll be presented with all the screenshots your project currently has. Here you'll be able to manage these screenshots, remove them, and upload new ones. Please check the Managing project screenshots section to learn more.

The second way involves opening the project editor and finding a specific translation key. Simply click on the Screenshots button to link, unlink, and upload new screenshots:

Managing project screenshots

After clicking Screenshots in the top menu, you'll be presented with the following page:

Let's discuss the main elements:

  1. Upload more screenshots. Drag and drop new screenshots to the drop area or select an image from your computer. Please note that the maximum supported dimensions is 16000x16000px.

    1. If the Try to find keys on images option is enabled, Lokalise will automatically recognize the text on the images and link the uploaded screenshots to the corresponding translation keys. In other words, Lokalise will try to detect the base translation values on the uploaded image and highlight it showing the text's exact position. This highlighting will be visible when you open a screenshot by clicking on its preview under the key name. Please note that this feature has certain limitations as explained in the Automatic key detection section.

  2. Filter your screenshots.

  3. Select all items to add tags or delete all the chosen screenshots.

  4. Add a new tag to the screenshot or modify the existing ones.

  5. Search screenshots by name.

  6. Choose how many screenshots are shown per page (16, 32, 64, or 128).

To manage a screenshot, simply click on it. Please proceed to the Screenshot editor section to learn more.

Once you select one or multiple screenshots by ticking the checkboxes next to them, the screenshot bulk menu will pop up. Using this menu you can add or remove tags to/from multiple screenshots and delete the chosen items.

Automatic key detection

The automatic key detection system can recognize the text on the screenshots if the text meets the following conditions:

  1. Only the base language values can be recognized. The supported languages are English, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish, and Polish.

  2. Automatic key tagging is able to recognize only the existing keys. Please make sure that the key already exists in your project, before trying to link it to the screenshot.

  3. The text must be clearly visible on the screenshots. Depending on the font, background and image quality, automatic key detection may or may not recognize some strings.

Screenshot editor

To access the screenshot editor, proceed to the Screenshots page and click on the screenshot itself.

You'll be presented with the following dialog:

  1. Navigate between the screenshots using the left/right buttons. 

  2. Adjust the screenshot's title.

  3. Provide a short screenshot description. It will be visible for all project contributors. 

  4. Add existing tags or create new ones.

  5. Download the origin image.

  6. Update the screenshot image or replace it with a new one.
    Please remember that if the replacement image has a different size, all linked key coordinates will be removed and you will have to add them again.

  7. Translation keys linked to the screenshot. You can see the key name (sample) and the base language value ("Sample Project").

  8. Link screenshot to a new key by selecting the area on the image itself to highlight the text position. Once the area is drawn, you'll be able to choose a key to link to:

It is also possible to link or unlink multiple screenshots in bulk as explained in the section below.

Linked keys options

For each linked key you'll see three actions:

  • Open key in a new tab — you will be navigated to the corresponding translation key to start editing or translating it.

  • Coordinates — adjust the coordinates for the highlighted portion on the image or remove the current coordinates.

  • Unlink key — unlink the key from the screenshot. Please note that clicking on this button will not delete nor screenshot neither the key.

Managing key screenshots

You can also manage screenshots linked to a specific translation key. To achieve that, click on the Screenshots button under a key name. Please find more information on this feature in the Key editor and key actions article.

Linking/unlinking screenshots in bulk

You can link or unlink screenshots to/from multiple translation keys at once. To achieve that, select one or more keys in the project editor and select Screenshots... from the bulk actions dropdown:

Click Proceed. You will see the dialog box to manage linked screenshots, link existing ones, or upload new screenshots:

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