There is a checkbox on the left side of each key. You can select one or multiple keys and perform a bulk action on the selection. To select all keys of the project, select the checkbox on the project menu next to the filter menu. 

The blue floating popup with the available bulk actions displays once you select at least one key. You are able to perform any action from the drop-down menu as shown on the screenshot below:

Create a task: If there is any translation work you need to assign to Contributors, use the Create a task option. This will open the task creation page with a predefined task scope, limited to the keys you have just selected. Learn more about tasks

Order translation: You are able to order the translation of the selected keys to any language you need. Choose one of our translation providers most suited to your needs, choose the target languages you would like to translate to get an instant quote.

Duplicate: You can make a copy of any key in the project. Rather than duplicating keys one by one, use the bulk action menu to duplicate all of them simultaneously.

Copy/move to project: In the case that there is a need to copy or move certain keys to another project, use this bulk action.

File: assign: You may assign different keys to different files. See the Filenames article for more information.

File: unassign: Using this option you can unassign selected keys from all files. See the Filenames article for more information.

Tags: add/remove: You are able to add or remove tags to/from the multiple keys in your project. You can either enter a new tag, or select from a list of tags you have already added.

Platform: link/unlink: Link or unlink the platform to/from selected keys. Learn more about platforms.

Unverified: set/unset: The Unverified flag is used to signal a translation that you do not consider to be 100% correct.

Context: set/unset: Context is used with some file formats (e.g. .po). There is no need to add the context if you are not using it in the code.

Review: set/unset: You can review or unreview all selected keys simultaneously.

Hide/unhide from contributors: If required, you can hide keys from contributors/translators.

Character limit: set/unset: provide a limit of characters the chosen translation values may contain, or remove these limits. If the chosen values are longer than the provided limit, they won't be trimmed, however.

Copy keys to translations: This function allows you to copy the key name to the value of any language.

Copy source to target: Copy the base language (when in multilingual view) or the source language (when in bilingual view) value to the selected language. 

Apply TM to 100% matches: Use this bulk action to apply 100% translation memory matches.

Cross-reference languages: Once you are done setting up key references in the base language, it's a good idea to cross-reference all other languages.

Clear translations: You can clear translations using this option.

Fill with text: Fill necessary fields with the required text. 

Pseudolocalize: Pseudolocalization is a way to simulate the translation of English UI strings.

Archive/unarchive: Use this option to archive or unarchive keys. 

Delete: Delete keys along with all translations. You cannot undo this action.

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