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Review center provides a simplified way for guest contributors to review and comment on translations without requiring full paid license.

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This feature is available on the Enterprise plan by default and on the Pro plan as an add-on.

Teams find it cumbersome to involve relevant stakeholders into the localization process on an ad-hoc basis due to usability and cost barriers.

Review center is a Lokalise extension that provides a way for ad hoc contributors to review, comment and make suggestions on the translations in the "lightweight" mode without requiring full paid Lokalise access. These users are called guest reviewers.

Inviting users to review center

To invite users to the review center, proceed to the project editor and select keys that you want to share with your stakeholders. To select all keys in the current project scope, tick the checkbox in the project menu next to the Filter dropdown:

Once relevant keys are selected, you will see the bulk actions menu. Click on the dropdown and select Invite to review center:

You'll see the number of keys and languages to be shared with the guest reviewers. Please note that you can choose languages to be shared using the languages dropdown in the top menu:

Once you have selected languages to share, click Continue. You'll be presented with the following dialog:

Add email addresses of the people you would like to invite to the review center. Write an invitation message that'll be sent to their email addresses. Include any relevant information, such as instructions or additional context. Limit of 500 characters applies.

Click Send once you are ready. Each person will receive an invitational email including the following information:

  • Name and email of a person that invited you to review content

  • Project name

  • Custom note with instructions (if provided)

  • Shared languages

Guest reviewers don't need to create a full Lokalise account with a password. They can access the content by simply clicking on the Go to project link. Please note that this link is valid only for 5 days. In case the link has expired, guest reviewers will be redirected to the page where they can generate a new access link.

Getting started with review center

Once in review center, users will be asked to provide their names and pick their roles:

Next, users will see a welcome message explaining what they can do in the review center.

Reviewing content

Please be aware that reviewing content in the center won't change the review status in the main Lokalise app.

It's time to review the content! Reviewers will be presented with a lightweight translation editor.

To the left users will see keys (along with platforms and descriptions if provided) and screenshots. To the right they'll see translations from shared languages (including the base language).

Clicking on the screenshot opens up a gallery that allows users to zoom in / out of the image while also browsing key platforms, description, and translations.

If no issues were found, reviewers can click the Mark as reviewed button. Once clicked, the key will be moved from Ready for review to the Reviewed tab.

The project selector at the top of the screen can be used to easily navigate between the shared projects. Red dot indicates that there are unread comments in one of the projects.


Adding comments

In case a reviewer wants to clarify something or simply would like to suggest a correction, they can leave a comment on a particular translation. To add a comment, simply click on the translation. It will open a right-side comments panel and will highlight translation that you are commenting on in yellow:

Type your message in the text box and then press Enter. You can mention other contributors by entering the @ character and then typing their name. Please note that the message length is limited to 1000 characters.

Once you leave a comment on the translation, it will be automatically emailed to everyone mentioned with the @ symbol.

Please be aware that contributors with access to specific languages can only see comments that are left for those languages. In other words, if Bob has access only to the French language, he won't see any comments left for the English translations.

Editing and deleting comments

You can edit and delete your comments by clicking on three small dots next to your message:


Learn more about comments in the corresponding article.

Comments support threading. To start a thread, click Reply in thread:

You'll see a very similar interface:

The thread can be resolved (closed) only by the user with a paid Lokalise subscription. Guest reviewers are not able to resolve threads.

If a thread is resolved, it won't be shown in the list by default and guest reviewers will no longer see it.

Guest reviewers limitations

Guest reviewers are free users that do not require a paid seat in your Lokalise team. These users have a number of limitations:

  • Can't have edit access to the languages

  • Can't filter or sort keys and translations

  • Can't perform search

  • Can't resolve comment threads

  • Can't see translation history

  • Do not have access to the right-side panel with translation memory, glossary terms, and machine translation suggestions

  • Do not have access to Lokalise project editor, including:

    • Bilingual and multilingual views

    • Displaying placeholders as blocks

    • Displaying key references as text

    • Focus mode

    • Magic scroll

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