Use tags to group keys.

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You can use tags to logically group translation keys.

Adding and removing tags

Click on the "tag" icon and either enter new tag name or choose one from a list of tags you've already defined:

Currently there is no tag management available โ€“ colors are assigned automatically and tags disappear when there are no keys with that tag.

Tags limitations

  • Maximum character limit is 128 characters.

  • Tags are case-insensitive.

  • Whitespaces are trimmed.

Using tags

You can use tags in the following components:

Project editor

Use the Filter dropdown to only include tagged items in the view:


Control task scope using the tags:


Choose what keys should be included in the export bundle by adjusting the Include tags and Exclude tags options:


When ordering translations from our professional translators, use tags to narrow down the order scope:

Please note that you will not see the Filter by tags dropdown if the chosen project does not contain any tags.

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