Filtering translation keys

Use Filter while editing translations in Lokalise in order to show only the desired strings or keys. For example you can filter only untranslated strings under iOS. 

There are some predefined filters you can choose from or you can create a custom filter (select New filter...) in the Filter dropdown:

You can even customize any of the predefined filters and save them under new name. Add as many properties and conditions as you like, group them using AND / OR statements, then click Save and apply... to save the filter. 

Filters you save are shared between all project users.

Filtering tasks

On the Tasks page you can filter the task themselves. To achieve that, click the Filter dropdown and adjust filtering options:

When simply click Apply. In the example above we've chosen to display only the active translation tasks.

Filtering items in your apps

Certain apps support filtering the available items. Here's an example of the Intercom Articles app:

After adjusting the filter, you can choose which items you would like to import or export from/to Intercom.

Filtering glossary entries

Glossary entries can be filtered as well. To achieve that, proceed to the Glossary page and click Filter:

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