Lokalise provides a Filter dropdown to choose specific items based on custom conditions. In this article we'll discuss the filtering functionality on different pages.


Filtering translation keys

Use Filter in the project editor in order to show only the desired strings or keys. There are some predefined filters you can choose from:

You can create a custom filter. To achieve that, click Filter > New filter and then adjust the criteria as needed:

You can combine multiple conditions by using AND/OR operators. Once you are ready, click Apply or Save and apply to save these custom conditions. Filters you save are shared between all project contributors.

Finally, it's possible to customize predefined filters. First, choose any predefined filter from the dropdown and then click on the Customize button:

Then adjust the conditions as needed.

Notes on custom filters


When using AND/OR operators, please remember that:

  • AND groups multiple conditions together

  • OR splits the following condition into a new group

Take a look at the following example:

This filter will return keys whose translations either contain both "dog" and "apples", or the "text" and "source" words. So, the following translations will match:

  • My dog likes apples

  • This is a source text

These translations won't match:

  • I have a dog

  • Please enter your text


If you are using the AND operator and search for translations containing certain words, only the texts that have all the specified words will be returned. For example:

As you can see, we get a translation value that has both "dog" and "apples" words. Translations that contain only one of the words won't be returned. In other words, when the AND operator is used, one translation should match all the criteria.

Does not contain

If you use the "does not contain" criteria then a key will be shown if at least one of its translations doesn’t contain the specified word or phrase.

You can also use "contain" and "does not contain" filters together:

This filter will return a key that has a translation that doesn’t contain the word "dog" but contains "apples" at the same time.

Filtering tasks

On the Tasks page you can filter the task themselves. To achieve that, click the Filter dropdown and adjust filtering options:

Then simply click Apply. In the example above we've chosen to display only the active translation tasks.

Filtering items in your apps

Certain apps support filtering the available items. Here's an example of the Intercom Articles app:

After adjusting the filter, you can choose which items you would like to import or export from/to Intercom.

Filtering glossary entries

Glossary entries can be filtered as well. To achieve that, proceed to the Glossary page and click Filter:

Adjust the criteria and click Apply.

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