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Lokalise supports the Salesforce Translations .stf format.

Here's an .stf file sample:

# Use the Bilingual file to review translations, edit labels that have already been translated, and add translations for labels that haven't been translated.
# - The TRANSLATED section of the file contains the text that has been translated and needs to be reviewed.
# - The UNTRANSLATED section of the file contains text that hasn't been translated. You can replace untranslated labels in the LABEL column with translated values.
# The Out of Date indicators are:
# - An asterisk (*): The label is out of date. A change was made to the default language label and the translation hasn't been updated.
# - A dash (-): The translation is current.
# Notes:
# Don't add columns to or remove columns from this file.
# Tabs (\t), new lines (\n) and carriage returns (\r) are represented by special characters in this file. These characters should be preserved in the import file to maintain formatting.
# Lines that begin with the # symbol are ignored during import.
# Salesforce translation files are exported in the UTF-8 encoding to support extended and double-byte characters. This encoding cannot be changed.

# Language: German
Language code: de
Type: Bilingual



ButtonOrLink.Event.New_Event New Event Neues Ereignis -
ButtonOrLink.Opportunity.Add_Line_Items Add Line Items Artikelanlage -

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CustomLabel.PKB2_All_Fields_Required All fields are required. Alle Felder sind obligatorisch. -
CustomLabel.PKB2_Answers_Might_Help These answers might help immediately Diese Antworten könnten vielleicht helfen -
CustomLabel.PKB2_Back_To_Results Back to search results Zurück zu den Suchergebnissen -
CustomLabel.PKB2_Back_To_Search_Page Back to search page Zurück zur Suchseite -
CustomLabel.PKB2_Cancel Cancel Abbrechen -

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CustomLabel.SC_Case_Information Case Information Beschreibungsinformationen -
CustomLabel.SC_Contact_Information Contact Information Kontaktinformationen -
CustomLabel.SC_New_Case New Case Neuer Kundenvorgang -
CustomLabel.SC_New_Find_Contact New / Find Contact Neuer Kontakt / Kontakt suchen -
CustomLabel.SC_Save_New Save & New Speichern & Neu -


ButtonOrLink.Order__c.Mass_edit Edit
ButtonOrLink.Order__c.Printable_view Printable view!
ButtonOrLink.Order__c.Quick_Email Quick Email

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CustomLabel.PKB2_FAQ_Label FAQ
CustomLabel.PKB2_Feedback Feedback
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