Custom translation statuses feature is available starting from the Pro plan.

Contributors can assign various statuses to translations for a more efficient workflow. Custom translation statuses are managed in the project settings under the Quality assurance section. You can enable Allow multiple custom status per translation checkbox to allow a translation to have multiple custom status at the same time.

Custom translation status management

Once the Custom translation statuses option is enabled, you can add up to 20 custom translation statuses. Click the Add status button to enter the name of the status and select color of the flag, which will be use to indicate the status. Existing statuses can be edited at any time.

How to use custom translation statuses

In case at least one custom translation status is added in project settings, the custom translation status section will appear next to each translation in the Editor. Statuses are displayed as colored circles.

If no statuses are assigned to the translation, the status section will have an empty (white) circle instead of the colored ones.

Translations can be filtered by custom statuses using Filter.

You can export translations with a particular translation status. Add needed status into the Custom status includes all of field.

Working with custom statuses in tasks

In case you create a Review task, you can restrict assignees to altering only the specified statuses. Once a task item is marked as completed, all the status selected in the task will be applied.

If Allow multiple custom status per translation checkbox is not enabled in project settings, only one status can be selected in task options. Otherwise, any amount of custom statuses can be selected.

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