Translation history

Translation history keeps all versions of each translation update you have ever made.

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Translation history enables you to roll back a translation to any of the previously saved versions.

To get started, open the project editor, find the desired translation, and click the History button next to it:

Here's the History pane:

  • The earlier the version, the lower its position in the list.

  • Toggle the Show differences option to see the differences between the versions.

  • For each version you can see who made the changes, using what tool (for example, editor or the API), and when.

  • Click on the Restore button to revert the changes to the chosen version.

Please note that if you are working with segments, the history is saved on a per-segment basis, but you'll be able to view differences both for the key and for the segment:

You can revert multiple translations to the previous state by using Restore to the last translation history bulk action. Plese check the corresponding article to learn more.

You can also take advantage of snapshots to backup the whole project with all its keys, translations, settings, and contributors.

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