Project snapshots

Take a snapshot of your project manually at any time or set up automated daily snapshots.

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A snapshot is effectively a backup of your whole project that includes all translation keys and their values, contributors, settings, and other data. If something goes wrong, you can always restore from a previously created snapshot and revert all changes that were made after the snapshot was created.

Getting started

To access project snapshots, click More > Settings in the top menu:

Then proceed to the Snapshots tab:

On this page you'll see all created snapshots, snapshot settings, and a button to create a new snapshot.

Creating project snapshots

You can create a project snapshot any time by pressing the Take new snapshot button:

Automatic snapshots can be taken upon translation file uploads. To achieve that, enable Automatic snapshot on upload option. Users on Essential plan and above can enable the Automatic daily snapshots option to keep backups up-to-date.

Users on Essential and higher plans can also enable Automatic snapshot on bulk actions option to automatically take snapshots after applying certain bulk actions.

Automatic snapshots on bulk actions

If you've enabled the Automatic snapshot on bulk actions option, a project snapshot will be automatically created for you upon applying the following actions:

  • Copy keys to translations

  • Copy source to target

  • Apply TM to

  • Clear translations

  • Fill with text

  • Pseudolocalize

Managing snapshots

Renaming snapshots

All snapshots (created manually or automatically) can be renamed as needed. To achieve that, click on the snapshot's title and enter a new name. Once you are done, press on the Check button:

Deleting snapshots

To delete a snapshot, simply click the Delete button next to its name. Please note that this operation is irreversible!

Alternatively, you can delete multiple snapshots in one go by choosing them and then pressing Delete selected:


Restoring from snapshots

To restore from a snapshot, click the Restore button next to a desired snapshot:

Please note that your current project data will not be overwritten directly β€” rather, a project copy will be produced from the snapshot. All the project settings, contributors, screenshots, and statistics are preserved when restoring from the snapshot.

Note, however, that the project identifier (ID) of the restored copy will be different from the initial project ID. Also note that the key comments are not restored anymore.

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