Archiving inactive teams

Inactive teams are automatically archived but you can easily unarchive them.

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At Lokalise, we are constantly striving to deliver a top-quality service to our users. Therefore, in order to reduce load on our servers, we have decided to start archiving inactive teams. This operation will be performed automatically on a regular basis.

What do you mean by "inactive team"?

A team is considered to be inactive if the most recent login date of any team member is more than one year prior to the current date. In other words, if no one from your team has logged in for the past year, the team will be archived.

What will happen after archiving?

First of all, don't worry: your team, along with its members, projects, and translations will be preserved โ€” we are not going to delete any of your data. However, if you open an archived team, you'll notice that all its projects are empty. Also, you'll be presented with a warning message saying that the projects were archived.

What if I want to unarchive my team?

No problem at all! You can reach out to our support team and ask for your team to be unarchived. Please remember to provide the team name in your request.

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