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Your team quotas depend on the currently chosen subscription plan. This article summarizes all the available quotas and their calculation methods.

Viewing team usage limits

To view all quotas within your team, you must have at least admin access rights. Click on your team avatar in the bottom left corner and choose Team settings.

Then navigate to the Usage overview page where your current quotas and usage is being displayed:

Also you can see Usage over time on the graphics:



This quota controls how many users can be added to your team. This quota is also known as the number of seats.

Whenever you add a new contributor to one of your projects, this person is also added to your team as a user. Please note that even if a user is not participating in any projects, the user still occupies a team seat.

To view and manage your team users, click on the team avatar in the bottom left corner and choose Team settings. All users will be listed under the Team tab:

Click Remove to remove a user from the current team and free up one seat. If a user is removed, s/he loses access to all projects within the current team:

Please note that this quota is not strict. Even if you have reached the limit, you can still invite more users to the team using the regular approach (however, if you are paying with invoices, this feature will be unavailable). When a user is invited, a trial period of 7 days will be started, and during this period your team won't have to pay for additional seats. If you remove these additional users within the 7 days grace period, you won't be charged for extra seats. The grace period is displayed in the Team settings under each user profile:

After the trial ends, users will not be automatically removed from your team but they'll occupy a seat.

If you would like to invite a stakeholder to review translation keys only (without editing them), you can take advantage of the review center. All stakeholders added to the review center do not occupy team sets.

Team owners and billers will be notified via email when the number of seats is increased. On top of that, you can see how many extra seats were added under the Billing tab:


This quota controls how many translation keys in total you can store in all projects belonging to the current team. Please note that if you have project branching enabled, only the keys in the master branch are calculated. Whenever you add a new translation key to one of the projects, the number of keys increases. It does not matter how many languages each project has and, consequently, how many translations each key contains. Even if you have a single key with 30 translations, it will still use only one allocated key in quota, and not 30.

Also note that this quota is not strict for Monthly customers: in other words, you can go over the limit if needed and still retain access to the editor, upload/download functionality, API, and so on. If your key limit is exceeded, you will see a red banner on top of the page mentioning that you will be charged extra on the next payment cycle.

However, if you remove these extra keys before the payment cycle, you won't be charged. Still please bear in mind that Lokalise does not encourage customers to abuse this system and your account might be blocked if regular abuse is detected.

If you go over the limit, the following pricing applies:

  • 0-5K keys over limit → $0.03 per 1 key

  • 5-10K keys over limit → $0.025 per 1 key

  • 10-20K keys over limit → $0.02 per 1 key

  • 20-50K keys over limit → $0.015 per 1 key

  • 50K+ keys over limit → $0.01 per 1 key

Team owners and billers will be able to see details of how much the team will be charged on the next payment cycle. Please note that if you are regularly exceeding your limit, it would be more cost-effective to upgrade your subscription plan or purchase additional bundles of keys. In order to purchase the bundles, get in touch with our support team by using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.

If you are on one of our Annual plans, you won't be charged automatically: you will be presented with a red banner mentioning your team is over the limit and you can either upgrade the subscription plan or purchase more key bundles as needed. You can purchase the bundles by writing to us on Intercom and one of our representatives from the Customer Success Team will be in touch with you to increase your key allowance.

Removing keys

To remove a single translation key by clicking the trash bin icon:

You can remove multiple keys by ticking checkboxes next to them and choosing Delete bulk action.

Finally, you can delete the whole project thus deleting all its translation keys. To delete a project, open its Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete project.

Keys in branches

This quota controls how many translation keys in total you can store in project branches other than master. Therefore, whenever you add or remove translation keys to/from other branches, this number changes.


OTA means "over-the-air". The Lokalise OTA service is used by developers — it enables your users to get the latest translations on their mobile applications without you needing to submit a new version to be approved by either the Apple or Google app stores.


This quota controls how many automation rules you can create in total. Therefore, whenever you create or remove an automation rule, this number gets increased or decreased. Automations are counted across all team projects and each language pair is counted as a separate automation.

To manage project automations, click More > Automations. On this page you'll also see the total number of team automations:

Click Remove this rule link to delete an automation rule and decrease the number by one.

Machine translations

Machine translations quota is related to automations. This number gets increased every time one of your automation rules utilizes machine translation. The count is per character (not per word). This counter is automatically reset at the beginning of each month. Please note that using machine translations in the editor (for example, clicking Google-translate empty values or choosing one of the machine translation suggestions) does not increase this counter.


This quota controls how many translation projects your team can host. So, whenever a new project is created, this number increases. Currently we do not limit the number of projects that can be created — the only exception is the Free plan which allows you to create only two projects.

To delete a project, open its settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete project.

Lokalise AI words

If you are using Lokalise AI features, namely AI Translations, you should also be aware of the corresponding quotas.

Whenever you create an AI Translations or an AI Suggestions task, Lokalise will calculate the number of words included in this task. When you've chosen the source and the target languages in the task creation wizard, the following summary will be presented for you:

  • The words quota shows how many words in total you can process with Lokalise AI and how many words have already been consumed plus the number of words to be consumed in the current task.

  • The Task summary shows how many words will be consumed in this exact task. This number will vary depending on the total word count included in the task and on the chosen languages. For example, if you have added four target languages, and each language has fifty words to translate, then you'll consume 50 x 4 = 200 AI words for this task.

Initially every team gets a number of words for free (please note that this is a one-time bonus):

  • Start — 200 words

  • Essential — 750 words

  • Pro — 1500 words

  • Enterprise — 3000 words

You can use all your words in a single task, or you can break it down into multiple tasks.

If you have depleted your AI words quota, you can purchase additional words as an add-on under the Billing tab in your Team settings:

You can request from 2000 to 750,000 words (monthly). This is not a separate subscription, it's just an add-on to your existing Lokalise subscription. Please note, however, that the purchased words do not carry over to the following month. So if you are paying monthly and haven't used all the available words in a month, they remaining will be gone.

If you are on Lokalise yearly subscription, you can also purchase a yearly Lokalise AI words quota, and in this case you'll get 12 times more words. For instance, if you've chosen to purchase 2000 words with a yearly subscription, you'll get 2000 * 12 = 24 000 AI words. You can use these words at any time while the yearly subscription is active.

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