Users are organized to teams. A team can contain many users, and a user may be a member of many teams.  You can switch teams any time by clicking a team logo in the top right corner and choosing another team. Each team requires a separate subscription.

When you create a new project in Lokalise, you and all team owners are added to this project. These initially added users have full access rights and may perform translations, add or remove keys, invite new users, change settings, etc. 

Team roles

Navigate to Team settings to manage team roles.

If a user is a member of a team, they may have one of the following roles: 



Each team can have one or several owners with equal rights. The user who initially created the team becomes an owner automatically. An owner can promote team users to owners. The owners are automatically added to all projects created in a given team. They cannot be removed from those projects.

Team owner:

  • is auto-added to all projects
  • cannot be removed from projects
  • can promote to owner
  • can delete the team
  • can promote to admin
  • can remove users
  • can create projects
  • can create orders
  • can subscribe
  • can download invoices
  • can change billing details


Team admin has almost the same rights as a team owner, except he can’t be auto-added to all projects, he can be removed from projects and he can’t promote to owner. 


Team members have restricted rights: they cannot modify any team settings, manage users, or view sensitive data like billing information.

Subscribe to a plan

Any admin or owner can subscribe to a plan. It is possible to change the biller if another team member subscribes to a plan. In this case, previous biller's subscription plan is cancelled and the new plan becomes active immediately. Credit card icon is displayed next to biller's e-mail in the team settings.

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