You can add contributors to your project and assign certain roles to them. Click the Contributors icon to begin:

Available roles

Project admins

Project admins have full read/write access to all project languages, however they can have limited access to the project features.

You can adjust administrative rights by clicking the menu icon (right side of the admin checkbox in the list – see screenshot above). You can restrict access to the following functions of the project:


Translators have limited access to your project, and have a simplified UI too. Translators are granted reference (read-only) and/or contributable (read-write) access to your project languages (adjusted on a language-by-language basis).


Both admins and translators can be also granted a reviewer role. This role becomes available once you enable Reviewing in project settings. Users with the reviewer role enabled are able to mark translations as reviewed in the editor and approve any translation, including when translation upvoting is enabled in project settings.

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