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Projects dashboard

Track your project progress using the projects dashboard.

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The Lokalise projects dashboard lists all your projects, lets you easily track translation progress, and enables you to create new projects within the current team.

Dashboard overview

In the screenshot above you can see two translation projects: the first one is visually expanded, and the second one is collapsed. For the collapsed projects you'll be presented only with some brief info.

For the expanded project you can see:

  • Project name ("Angular").

  • The main branch ("master").

  • Translation progress percentage (20%).

  • Base words — how many words are there for the base language. The base language acts like a "main" language of the project, the one that you're going to translate from.
    Please note that statistics might be different for various users based on their permissions. For example, some keys might be hidden from contributors and therefore the number of base words seen by the contributors will be smaller than the same number seen by the admins.

  • Team — number of users participating in this project (8).

  • Keys — number of translation keys added to this project (3).

  • QA issues — number of quality assurance problems found in this project (24). These issues include not only failed QA checks but also unverified and unreviewed strings.

  • Add apps — click this link to integrate your project with third-party apps like Asana, Slack, GitHub, Figma, and many others. Previously "apps" were called "integrations".

  • Buttons to manage your project (manage tasks, manage contributors, download files, and so on).

  • Project tags — click on the "label" icon to manage tags.

  • To the right you can see all languages that are added to this project. The first language with a small dot (English in this case) is your base language. For other languages you can see the completion percentage, the number of words to, and the number of unverified translations.

Searching projects

Use the search box in the top menu to find a project by its name:

Please note that Lokalise will also search translations and keys tags that contain the provided term:

Click on the found translation to view it in the project editor.

Tagging and filtering projects

Click the Edit tags icon in order to add or remove tags:

Click a tag to filter projects by its name or press the Filter button in the top and select one of the tags from the list:

Collapsing and expanding projects

You can collapse or expand projects using a Resize view icon next to the project name. This will free up some space when you have many projects.

Alternatively, click Expand all or Collapse all to resize all projects:

Reordering projects

Find the Move me icon, click on it and drag to rearrange the projects:

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