This feature is available from the Essential plan and above.

Statistics provides you with additional insights on your current project translation status, allows you to spot your best/worst translators, and more.

To view project statistics, you'll require administrator access with the View statistics permission (team owners implicitly have this permission):

To view statistics, open your Lokalise project and click More > Statistics in the main menu:

Observe your project data:

Here are the key metrics:

  • Done — this is a total completion percentage which is calculated based on completion for all the project languages. For example, if you have three languages — English (100% completed), French (0%), and Spanish (0%) — the Done percentage will equal to 33%.

  • Keys — how many translation keys your project contains. Please remember that a single key can contain multiple translation values equal to the number of project languages.

  • Words total — how many words in all translations for all languages the project contains.

  • Team — the number of project contributors.

You can observe more data in the form of reports with custom set date ranges both for your translations and for mobile SDKs:

Specifically, you can view the following reports:

  • Translations by language

  • Translations by contributor

  • Words translated for the selected period

  • Words translated for all time

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