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Learn how to control project quality assurance checks.

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You might also be interested in localization quality assurance checks performed by Lokalise AI.

Lokalise supports a handful of quality assurance checks on the project level.

Getting started

To get started, click More > Settings:

Then navigate to the QA checks tab:

Then simply set the desired escalation levels for the QA checks and click Save changes.

Supported QA checks

Here is the list of all supported QA checks:

  • Spelling and/or grammatical errors — please note that certain languages are not supported

  • Inconsistent placeholders (source vs target)

  • Inconsistent HTML (source vs target)

  • Different number of URLs (source vs target)

  • Different URLs (source vs target)

  • Leading whitespace (target)

  • Trailing whitespace (target)

  • Different number of email addresses (source vs target)

  • Different email address (source vs target)

  • Different brackets (source vs target)

  • Unbalanced brackets (target)

  • Different numbers (source vs target)

  • Double space (target)

  • Special placeholder (target)

We don't have a dedicated QA check to detect translations that go over their character limit but you can can take advantage of the "Translation — is longer than allowed by" filter. Simply enter 1 as the value, and you'll be presented with all translations that go over the limit by at least one character.

QA escalation levels

There are three QA escalation levels:

  • Off — the check is disabled.

  • Warning — you will be able to save the inconsistent changes but they will be marked with a warning in the editor.

  • Error the editor will not let you save any inaccurate changes; adjustments pending via the API will be marked with warnings.

Please note that quality assurance warnings and errors won't be displayed if you have enabled the Focus mode.

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