Team visibility

Enable new contributors to join your team after registering at Lokalise.

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Team visibility enables newly registered users to join existing teams on Lokalise. This way you don't have to add new contributors manually: they will be able to join by themselves.

Please note that this feature is different from public signup:

  • With public signup, any user can join a translation project if s/he has an invitation link.

  • With team visibility, only the users with proper email addresses will be able to join your team. Specifically, Lokalise will match the domain part of the email addresses and allow the user to join a team only if the domains match. For example, will be able to join a team with the domain. However, he won't be able to join a team with the domain.

Getting started

To get started with the team visibility feature, click on your team avatar in the bottom left corner and choose Team settings. Then proceed to the Advanced security tab and find the Team visibility section:

To start using this feature you must verify your email and domain, therefore click on the Verify your email and domain and choose to send a verification link now.

Open your inbox and find a verification email from Lokalise:

Click Confirm your account and return to the Advanced security tab.

Team visibility settings

Now you'll be able to set up team visibility settings:

  • Invite only (default value) โ€” newly registered users won't be able to join your team. You'll have to invite every user manually.

  • Open to anyone with [domain] โ€” all newly registered users whose email domain parts match the one provided for your team will be able to join. You won't have to perform any additional approvals.

  • Request only โ€” all newly registered users with the proper email address will be able to find your team and ask to join. However, you'll have to explicitly approve every user who is willing to join the team.

If your team domain has changed, you can click Change domain, enter a new email address, and request a new verification link.

Joining teams upon registration

Once you have set team visibility settings to Open to anyone or Request only, all newly registered users with the proper email addresses will be able to join or at least request to join your team:

If team admins has enabled request only team visibility, you'll have to wait for your request to be approved:

Approving join requests

Once a user has requested to join a team, admins will receive an email notification and will be able to approve or reject the request.

To manage requests, proceed to Team settings > Team and find the Awaiting requests section:

Here simply click Accept or Reject.

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