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Lokalise Messages for Zendesk Chat: Tutorial for agents (DEPRECATED)
Lokalise Messages for Zendesk Chat: Tutorial for agents (DEPRECATED)
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This app is currently deprecated! Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions on the topic.

Once you have opened a Zendesk chat, the Lokalise sidebar widget will be available in the right panel:

Expand the widget to get started.

Automatic translation of incoming messages

Whenever a customer sends a message in a language that is not listed as your agent language, Lokalise will automatically translate it and display a translated version in the sidebar widget:

If the widget has detected that the conversation is in a language spoken by the agent, you will see a special message:

Please note that in this case the reply area won’t be blocked, since the agent settings might change or a different agent who doesn't speak the language might be assigned to the conversation.

Sending a translated reply

Type your response in the sidebar widget in your native language:

Lokalise will translate this text into the conversation language and send it back to the customer:

Managing the conversation via the sidebar widget

Neural networks that we are using to perform machine translation sometimes fail to understand the language of the message (for example, if it contains typos or content in several languages).

To override chat language, click on the cog icon and then select a different Detected language:

Here you can also disable translation for the current conversation, and toggle displaying of the source messages.

If the Show source messages setting is disabled, you will see only the translated text in the sidebar widget but not the original text. Here's an example:

You can see that the detected language is German but only the English text is being displayed because the Show source messages option has been disabled.

Ended chats

When you've chosen to end the chat, the Lokalise sidebar widget will look like this:

You will not be able to view the history from the sidebar widget once the chat has ended.

Further steps

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