Key comments

Team work involves discussion on particular keys. Once you leave a comment to the key, it is automatically e-mailed to people, who have the same contribution rights on languages as you, for example if you are contributing to German only and have English as the reference, only team members and owners who are also contributing to German will get your e-mail.

There is an option to reply to someone, who has posted a comment earlier, thus limiting the notification e-mail only to a person you are replying to, same applies if you mention someone using @.

Project chat

Lokalise offers Slack-style chat with focus on your project. All comments to keys are going to chat feed as well with a link to according key. Just like in comments, you can reply to other users and mention them using @. Enable project chat by clicking chat icon in the top right corner once you are in project dashboard or the editor.

Message formatting

We support Markdown-style text formatting in project chat and comments.


Italics with _underscores_.
Bold with *asterisks*.
Striketrhough uses tilde. ~Scratch this~
Inline code is wrapped with grave accent. `inline-code-style`


# H1
## H2
### H3
#### H4
##### H5
###### H6
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