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Lokalise Messages for Intercom: Using with chat bots
Lokalise Messages for Intercom: Using with chat bots

In this article you'll learn how to configure Lokalise Messages with Intercom chat bots (also known as "workflows").

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Please note that in order to properly configure Lokalise Messages with chat bots, you'll require features available only on the Pro pricing plan.

In this article you'll learn how to use Lokalise Messages for Intercom with chat bots (configured via automated workflows). Specifically, we'll discuss how to translate only the messages sent by the customers and operators but not by chat bots.


First of all, it's important to mention that we recommend the following approach: all the questions asked by the chat bot (except for the last question) should be answerable by clicking a button, for instance:

Only the last question should be an open one:

If the customer types their reply to the bot's question in, say, Spanish then most likely you'll want to assign the Spanish team to this conversation right away or at least assign a human operator and start translating.

Tagging your conversations

The open questions (the ones that the customers can type their replies to manually) should be tagged so that later we can properly manage these conversations.

To achieve that, click on the plus icon under the conversation (in the workflow edit mode) and choose Tag conversation:

Choose a tag, for instance, Lokalise Messages and then drag and drop the Tag conversation item before the Collect customer reply step:

Now before the user types their reply, we can instruct Lokalise Messages to process the message and determine the conversation language.

Setting up assignee rules

As the next step, open your Lokalise Messages dashboard as explained in the corresponding article and proceed to the Assignee rules tab:

Your configuration might vary depending on the desired result.

If you don't divide your operators into teams (for example, "German team", "French team", and so on) and you just want to translate all the conversations inside your inbox then choose Translate only when tag is present โ€” Custom tag for the global Unassigned rule:

Make sure to enter the same tag as you've chosen on the previous step.

If you have multiple teams and you'd like to perform translations only when the conversation has actually been assigned to a team then you can disable translation of all unassigned conversations:

Then configure settings on a per-team basis:

For example, you can translate all the conversations assigned to a given team:

In this case Lokalise Messages will not try to process chat bot's messages and will kick in only after the conversation is actually assigned to a human team and properly determine the language.

Further steps

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