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See the history of the project in one timeline

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You can view project activity in a single timeline. Please note that only the project admins with the view activity access right can access this feature. If you are on the Enterprise plan, you can take advantage of the Audit logs feature that presents detailed information on all events that happened within your team.

To view activity, open your project and click More > Activity:

You'll be presented with the following pane:

  • Angular is the name of the current project.

  • Master is the currently chosen project branch.

  • Active processes β€” any currently ongoing process, for example file upload.

  • Finished processes β€” the list of finished processes.

  • Recent project activity β€” lists all actions that took place within the project. Using the corresponding dropdowns, you can filter activity by user, activity type, language, and adjust the date range. For every item you can see who performed the action, what was the action, and when it took place.

Please note that project activity uses UTC+1 or UTC+2 (during the daylight saving time) zones which corresponds to Europe/Berlin.

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