As you know, we keep complete track of translation history. here is a report available to any user to download under their Personal profile page. In addition, team owners can download a report on each member in Team settings

The report includes the number of words translated by this particular user. Please download and open it first in order to understand the explanation below.

There are a number of scenarios, or actions as we call them, which you can see in the report. Here is how we count the words in each of the actions:


This is a simple one. If the target translation is empty, 100% of the source text word count is taken into account.


When source text has been changed or when the target text was previously edited by another translator (this includes machine translation), we calculate the difference between current and previous edit and multiply that difference by 2. 

This means that if you've changed the target text by 10%, you will be allocated 20% of the source text word count.

Self correction

When you make changes to a target text that you've previously translated, the word count is re-calculated based on the latest value.

This means that if you've just made a Revision and modified the target text by 10% (20% of source text word count) and after that you've corrected the text so there is now an 8% difference, the said Revision will be re-calculated using the latest 8% (16% of source text word count).

Since Self correction can be only done after Translation or Revision, in the report it will appear as "Translation (self correction)" or "Revision (self correction)".

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