Translating with Lokalise AI
Use the power of artificial intelligence to translate into any language.
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This feature is currently in closed beta.

Lokalise AI is a fully automated localization assistant built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API. It enables teams to deliver accurate translations instantly while reducing costs and without compromising quality. In this article you'll learn how to get started with this feature.



Currently, Lokalise AI provides the following features:

  • Translate with context — write a short description and provide context about the industry, project, goal, targeted tone, and length to get accurate translations that convey the right message.

  • Pick the best translation — choose the translation that best conveys their message from multiple variants.

  • Rephrase translations — rephrase translations in the editor.

  • Find the perfect fit — limit translation lengths to ensure fit without design change.

This feature is still in private beta, so please check the Frequently asked questions section to learn how to enroll.

Performing translations

To get started with Lokalise AI, open your project editor and click on any target translation.

In the right side panel you'll see the Lokalise AI section. Click Translate with AI to get started:

After the button is clicked, artificial intelligence will generate a translation for you:

If the generated translation suits you, simply click on it to insert it into the editor.

Rephrasing translations

If the generated text does not look suitable, you can ask the AI assistant to rephrase it. To achieve that, click the Rephrase button:

The assistant will use the previously generated translation and rephrase it (in other words, it won't re-generate a new variant):

You'll be presented with the following buttons:

  • Approve — use the rephrased translation instead of the initial one. Then you'll be able to click on the saved translation to insert it into the editor.

  • Try again — ask the assistant to produce another version.

  • Cancel — discard the rephrased translation.

Shortening translations

If you have a strict character limit, you can ask the AI assistant to shorten the translation by clicking Shorten:

The AI will use the existing translation and shorten it (in other words, it won't generate a new variant):

Then, you'll be presented with the following buttons:

  • Approve — use the shortened translation instead of the initial one. Then you'll be able to click on the saved translation to insert it into the editor.

  • Try again — ask the assistant to produce another version.

  • Cancel — discard the shortened translation.

Generating additional translation variants

If you'd like to view multiple translation options to choose from, simply click Suggest variants:

The AI assistant will generate a few additional variants for you:

Choose the variant that suits you by clicking Approve, or discard all the newly generated translations by clicking Cancel all.

Providing translation context

In many cases context is very important for producing an accurate translation. To give the AI assistant additional context, click the Add context button:

If previously you've provided context for the current translation key, this button will be called Edit context.

You'll be presented with the following dialog:

Here you explain where and how the translation will appear in your content, what is the desired tone, what's your industry, and what's the approximate length. Once you're ready, click Translate.

The AI assistant will generate a new translation variant:

You can either Approve it and use it instead of the initial translation, or discard it by clicking the Cancel button.

Frequently asked questions

How do I enroll into the private beta and gain access to Lokalise AI?

Sign up for the waiting list to get access. When you are accepted, we will send you an email confirmation.

What features are available in beta?

In the beta program, you will be able to use Lokalise AI to generate contextual translations directly in your editor, choose from several translation variants, rephrase and shorten your translations.

Why is this feature in beta?

The beta program allows us to gain valuable insight and feedback to improve Lokalise AI.

How is Lokalise AI beta being rolled out across plans?

All Lokalise customers can be a part of the beta program. That means customers in Starter, Essential, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

Do I need to pay for Lokalise AI beta?

No. The Lokalise AI beta is free of charge.

How can I give feedback to Lokalise AI?

We encourage all beta testers to share your feedback by contacting us via the chat widget in the bottom left corner.

What are the best use cases for generating translations with Lokalise AI?

Lokalise AI is able to generate any translations. However, it’s most accurate when it comes to shorter strings of text. If you have long-form content, we recommend using it as a pre-translation tool. We advise you to always revise translated content with linguists.

How will my data be used?

Using Lokalise AI the only data being processed is the original content being translated, its description, and context being provided. The data submitted through Lokalise AI is not used for other purposes, such as model training.

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