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Learn how to add stlye guides to Lokalise making your content and translations more consistent.

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This feature is available from the Pro plan and above.

The Style guide feature can help you to make your content and translation more
consistent across your platform. By using this feature, you can upload a regular PDF or a DOCX file containing all the relevant information regarding text formality, tone of voice, context, and so on.

Then, when creating translation tasks within your projects, the uploaded style guide can be provided for your translators. Moverover, if you are creating an AI translation task type, the style guide will also be utilized by the neural network.

Uploading a style guide

Only team admins, billers, or owners can manage style guides.

If you are looking for some best practices on creating style guides, please check out blog post on the topic.

First of all, you'll need to upload your style guide to Lokalise. To achieve that, click on the Style guide button in the left menu:

You'll be presented with the following screen:

Choose one or more files from your PC to upload. Please note that currently Lokalise supports only PDF and DOCX files up to 5 megabytes. We do not expect you to structure these files in any specific way: they can contain plain text with instructions and recommendations.

Once the files have been uploaded, you'll see the following dialog:

Here you can choose more files to upload or remove the uploaded files.

Once you are ready, click Assign languages:

On this step you'll need to choose a language that the style guide should be assigned to. This is important because the style guide will be assigned to the created tasks based on the chosen language.

Alternatively, you can choose a General guide option from the dropdown so that this guide is automatically included for all translation tasks regardless of the target languages. Please note that a single task may contain multiple style guides as explained below.

Once you are ready, click Save.

Managing style guides

Once the style guide has been uploaded, you'll be able to manage it:

Assigning projects

Let's hit Assign projects because currently this style guide is unassigned and, thus, it won't be added to any translation tasks:

Choose one or more projects from the dropdown. When the projects have been chosen, you'll see them in the list. Click on this link to add more projects or remove the existing ones:

Now, when a new task is created within these projects, the style guide will automatically be added to it. In this example the task target languages do not matter because this is the General guide. However, if you have chosen a specific language for your style guide, it will only be added to the task if it contains the corresponding target language.

Synching with Lokalise AI

If you are planning to create AI-powered tasks and you'd like to include your style guide in these tasks, then you'll need to synchronize the style guide.

To achieve that, click the Sync with Lokalise AI:

Lokalise AI will process your document and summarize it in a more concise way. This process might take a while.

Once it is completed, you'll see the following button next to the style guide:

Click on this button to view the summary that the AI has produced. You can modify this summary as needed and save the changes. This summary text will be used when the AI translation task type is created.

Other actions

To rename a style guide, simply click on the pen icon:

Click on the three dots to the right to view the file, modify the AI summary, or remove the uploaded file:

Assigning style guide to a task

When the style guide is uploaded and assigned to the relevant projects, you can now open one of these projects and create a new task inside as explained in the corresponding article.

If your style guide is marked as a general guide, it'll be connected to the task automatically and you'll see the following notification:

If the style guide is assigned to a specific language, it'll be connected only if this language is selected as a target on the Scope and assignees step:

Please note that potentially multiple style guides can be linked to a single task. For example, if you've uploaded a general guide and a guide linked to the French language, and then chosen French when creating a new task, then this task will contain both guides.

If you've chosen the AI translations task type and previously synced your style guide with AI, it will also be connected to the task and the neural network will use it when working on the translations.

Adjust other task options as needed, and then click Create task.

Using the style guide

So, if the created task has the AI translations type, the neural network will consume the connected guide automatically.

If, however, you've created a regular task with a human assignee, they'll receive notification emails that a new task has been assigned to them. This email will contain a link to the style guide:

Also, assignee can access the style guide from the incoming tasks widget on Lokalise:

Simply click the Download style guide button.

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