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Tasks assigned to you are shown in the Incoming task widget.

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Once an admin assigns a task to you, it shows up in the Incoming tasks widget. To access the widget, click on its icon in the left menu:

You'll see the following info for every assigned task:

  • Task type — in the example above there are two translation tasks.

  • Due date — if the due date has been set upon task creation, it will be displayed next to the task type.

  • Task title — click on the title to view all keys assigned to this task.

  • Description — if the description has been provided, it'll be displayed under the task title.

  • Languages — one or more languages that you are expected to translate into or view translations for. Click on the language name to view the corresponding translations that you have to work on. Every language contains the following:

    • Words to do — how many words are there to translate or review. This counter is updated as the translation process progresses. Click on the number to view all translations that have not been completed yet.

    • Progress — total progress for this language.

    • Status — current status (not started, in progress, done).

  • Source language — the language that you'll be translating from. In the example above both tasks have English set as a source language.

  • Task creator — who created and assigned this task to you.

  • Project name — Lokalise project that you'll be working with. It's not possible to create a task that spans multiple projects.

Please note that depending on the configuration of the task set by the creator, you may need to either manually mark a language as done, or it will be marked as done automatically. To mark a language as done, open the widget and click Mark as done:

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