There is no company in the world that does not get support requests in foreign languages now and then. For most companies though, a share of each language is often not big enough to justify hiring support specialists fluent in these languages. 

Still, who would not want to start treating their leads and users in other languages right away by adding an app to their Intercom, without spending thousands of dollars? 

Here comes a solution from Lokalise, a B2B SaaS platform for localization automation.

Good news is that you do not need to have an account with Lokalise. Install the app from Intercom App Store, and this is it!

Key features


Instant translations of inbound and outbound messages without delays.

Free to use

Install the app from the Intercom App Store and get all the benefits without paying a cent.

Simple UI/UX

Start chatting right away: all translation process happens in Intercom notes. 

A smart combination of established machine translation engines

The engines use their extensive data sets without enriching them with your text strings. Stay safe, nothing of what you translate is saved and stored anywhere else than Intercom.

How it works

  • Lokalise automatically detects the language of the conversation and instantly translates to your base language using DeepL or Google Translate (the latter is used when the language is not supported by DeepL).

  • You can change the language of the conversation with !lang and your base language with !operator.

  • Operators start private notes with ! to translate them into the language of the conversation.

  • Your customers get replies in real time.

Privacy notice

Lokalise fetches your Intercom messages, forwards them to Google Translate service, and then sends translations back. We do not store your messages anywhere, however.


The setup process cannot be easier. Open Lokalise for Intercom app in the Intercom App Store and click Install button. You will be redirected to the authorization page, where you should confirm our app will be able to access some of the required resources in your Intercom team. There is no need for Lokalise account to use this integration.


Setting operator language

As the app is installed, your operator language is set to English (en). In case your team base language is different, you need to adjust this by sending !operator command in any of your Intercom chat's notes. You may specify multiple languages your teams speaks, start with the main one (that's the language we will translate into and from). All the following languages you specify further will be considered as those, not requiring translation. For example, if your team speaks English, German and Spanish, the command would be !operator en,de,es. If Spanish is the main language for your team and and you would prefer all conversations translated to/from Spanish, send !operator es,en,de.

Receiving messages

Whenever a user sends a message in a language that is not listed as your operator language, Lokalise would translate it and send the translated version into notes, it's that simple!

Sending messages

Type your response in notes, starting with the exclamation sign (!), i.e. !Hello, how are you doing?. Lokalise would immediately translate it to the language of the conversation and send to a user.

Alternatively, you can use Inbox app, which comes with Lokalise for Intercom. On the right side of the screen, click Customize and add Lokalise app.

You can type responses right in the Lokalise Inbox app, they would ge translated to conversation language and sent to the user.

Changing conversation language

Neural networks we are using sometimes fail understanding the language of the message (if there are typos, for example). You can force chat language to any you require by sending !lang command in the conversation notes, or click the button in the Inbox app to reset the language of the conversation to base language.

Lokalise for Intercom Pro

There is an optional paid (Pro) version of Lokalise for Intercom. Here's what's included:

  • Web UI to control the app settings

  • Language statistics graphs

  • Per-admin and per-team language preference configuration

  • Glossary for machine translation support

Contact to learn about pricing and availability.

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